Common Pulse: A Participatory Gamelan Project for Children and Young People with Complex and Severe Learning and Communication Difficulties at the Seashell Trust

Principal Investigator: Dr Rachel Swindells

Project Fact File

Start DateJuly 2014
End DateAugust 2015
Funded by

Youth Music

Project TeamDr Rachel Swindells
Prof Juliet Goldbart
External Providers and CollaboratorsSeashell Trust, Ros Hawley and Mark Fisher (RosFish Music), RNCM (project volunteers), University of Roehampton (Prof Adam Ockelford), Anglia Ruskin University (Dr Helen Loth)

Principal Investigator

Meet Dr Rachel Swindells

Dr Rachel Swindells

Senior Research Assistant

Phone +44 (0)161 247 2418

Project Details


This knowledge exchange project is being led and delivered by the Seashell Trust in partnership with RIHSC, Manchester Metropolitan University. The idea for the initiative grew out of an arts and health symposium event held in MMU in March 2012 and the recognition that the Javanese gamelan set housed at the Royal School Manchester, Seashell Trust could be used more effectively. The aim of the scheme is to develop the Seashell Trust gamelan as a community resource and enhance the musical and communication skills and wellbeing of young people with learning and communication difficulties. An evaluation led by RIHSC, MMU, is exploring ways of developing practice and assessing participation within the sessions. The project involves: weekly gamelan sessions for Seashell staff and students; holiday projects and family workshops; staff training; evaluation meetings; and public dissemination events.

Aims and Objectives


To date the project has delivered:


1 Interim report for Youth Music