Principal Investigator: Prof James Selfe

Project Fact File

Start DateApril 2016
End DateOctober 2016
Funded by

Swellaway Ltd

Project TeamProf James Selfe
External Providers and CollaboratorsJim Taylor, Swellaway
Prof Jim Richards, University of Central Lancashire
Jill Alexander, University of Central Lancashire
Karen May, University of Central Lancashire

Principal Investigator

Meet Prof James Selfe

Prof James Selfe

Professor, physiotherapist, MSK

Phone +44 (0)161 247 2965

Project Details


I have been working in collaboration with Swellaway for many years.

Swellaway utilizes a precisely controllable cooling and heating technology that can also combine these with compression.  The key unique feature of this technology is the level of precision achievable in controlling skin temperature.  No other technology provides this capability

Aims and Objectives

Essentially we have been testing ‘does it do what it says on the tin?’

So we have conducted a number of experiments independently testing whether the ‘claimed’ skin temperature and ‘claimed’ compression of the device are actually achieved. 

The operator selects a target skin temperature of say 12oC and we then independently test if the skin temperature does reach 12 oC within the treatment time frame.  We also monitor how long the temperature remains reduced following treatment. We have done this repeatedly on a variety of prototypes supplied to us by the company over the years


We have been using Infra-Red thermal imaging cameras to measure skin temperature to assess if the actual skin temperature achieved matches that claimed by the device.  We have also been able to use the Thermal Imaging cameras to assess the contact area of the device and the extent of the cooled area.

Similarly we have been using pressure sensors to assess the claimed compression achieved by the device.

Finally we have provided feed back to the company on the comfort and usability of the device.  This feedback has been invaluable to the company as their have been numerous changes in the design in response to our feedback.

Our independent reports have been used by the company to assit in applications for CE marking and FDA approvals.

The product is now market ready and is due to be launched in the UK and internationally in 2018.

We have had to work with a variety of prototypes some of which were easier to use than others but this was actually part of our role in providing usability feedback on the design iterations


Confidential reports to the company

We are currently putting together a KTP which we will be submitting in December 2017