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Fair treatment

MMU is committed to ensuring that employees are treated with dignity and respect while at work, and that all employees treat others with dignity and respect.

If left unresolved, cases of unfair treatment could lead to deterioration in motivation and performance, and therefore as a manager you must deal with these issues as quickly as possible.

The University has in place a framework for fair treatment at work, which is supported by a number of policies and procedures.

Dignity at work

The dignity at work policy sets out the principles by which we aim to deal with instances of alleged harassment or bullying as quickly as possible, in a way that minimises the distress caused to the recipient.


It is expected that the majority of issues or concerns which employees may have will be capable of being resolved through discussion with colleagues, line managers, or using the mediation procedure.


We recognise that there may be occasions when significant issues remain unresolved and in these instances, the grievance procedure might be applicable.

Should you have any questions or require support, please contact your HR support team.