We are a great modern university, in a dynamic global city, here to make an impact on Manchester, our nation and beyond, with a driving ambition to discover and disseminate knowledge. We are ahead of the disruptive curve and leading the way in Industry 4.0 education and innovation.

From creative industries to sport and from engineering to fine art, we collaborate with businesses big and small to promote sustainable growth and develop the next generation of talent. Our experts work on digital manufacturing, business systems, cyber security, big data, clean energy, coding, artificial intelligence, smart cities and much more.

Discover how we’re using Industry 4.0 technology to improve lives, enhance businesses and shape our world – and how we can work with you to bridge your skills gap.


PrintCity is a forward-thinking education and innovation centre specialising in 3D printing and digital manufacturing. We are ahead of the disruptive curve and leading the way in industry 4.0 education.

We offer a range of technologies and materials on site at our central Manchester hub that will enable you to realise your ideas quickly and accurately. Real-world application underpins all we do and we can help you with everything from remote control of production processes to 3D printing of solid metal parts.

Our state-of-the-art facility gives businesses and students from sectors as diverse as medicine, fashion and engineering access to CAD and additive manufacturing technology to design and create.

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Future disruptors

We’re very proud of our first cohort of MSc Industrial Digitalisation students who exhibited at the 2018 Industry 4.0 Summit. Our students have been very much at the heart of PrintCity this last year and they bring diverse interests and perspectives to the table. We are very much looking forward to seeing what they will do next on their exciting journey as future disruptors in the fourth industrial revolution: watch this space!

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Manchester Fuel Cell Innovation Centre

Manchester Fuel Cell Innovation Centre is the landmark £4m tech hub leading the way in harnessing clean, renewable energy. The Centre explores the pure science of the fuel cell itself, driving engagement with industry on a local, national and international scale and developing the technology talent of tomorrow.

A strategic asset for the city and University, Manchester Fuel Cell Innovation Centre brings together the latest technology, world-leading academics and industry professionals to create new, clean electrolysers and fuel cells.

The focus is on next-generation energy which will outperform current fossil fuel alternatives both in terms of environmental efficiency and cost effectiveness. The Centre has the resources and expertise to manufacture screen and 3D printed energy storage devices.

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Greater Manchester Cyber Foundry

Cyber security presents a challenge and opportunity for businesses of all sizes. In the last twelve months, 43% of businesses identified cyber security breaches*, while the digital skills gap could cost the UK £141 billion**.

Greater Manchester Cyber Foundry is a unique initiative led by Manchester Metropolitan University in partnership with the Universities of Lancaster, Manchester and Salford. It protects Greater Manchester’s SMEs against malicious attacks and promotes business growth through cyber resilience. Manchester SMEs can sign up to a 12 week programme free of charge.

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Institute of Coding

training providers and professional bodies to address the UK’s digital skills gaps. There are 81 industrial partners, 33 universities and 20 outreach partners from across the UK coming together with the common goal of building digital skills to create industry-ready graduates and upskill industry professionals.

Manchester Metropolitan University is one of the loC lead institutions with a remit for addressing diversity and inclusion across the digital sector.

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Bringing big data to life

Big data

We’re pushing the boundaries of big data with novel applications that interface with machine learning, AI, data analytics and more.

We use data mining, predictive analytics, visualisation and modelling techniques to interpret statistics and evidence-based research to bring data to life. We make it easy to understand and apply to business strategy and operations. Some example applications are:

  • By analysing different data from medical scans, we have been developing intelligent machine vision tools for automatic detection of eye disease
  • Our precision agriculture technology analyses data from satellites and drones to develop intelligent crop disease detection and monitoring tools, contributing to improved productivity, sustainability and long-term economic development
  • By applying innovative big data analytical approaches, we are studying the interplay between the causes and outcomes of crime, health and wellbeing, helping our partners enhance and streamline their services through improved demand analysis and forecasting
  • Combined with facial recognition software, we’re using big data to develop advanced chatbots capable of identifying nuances of facial expressions and body language to pick up on someone’s state of mind and moderate the interaction accordingly

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Next generation creatives

Creative Industries

Manchester Metropolitan University is a hub of innovation, home to art, design, fashion, architecture and digital art creatives.

  • Responding to live industry briefs is at the heart of our creative courses. Our students are currently working with international sportswear brands, leading cultural institutions and property and retail companies
  • The School of Digital Arts (SODA) is the latest addition to our campus. Launching in 2021, this £34m investment will train the next generation of creative content makers through media production, film, sound, photography, animation, AI and games design
  • All students learn to use industry-standard software through their courses and we offer training for professionals via courses for industry
  • Our students, staff and collaborators all benefit from industry-standard equipment like animation and stop motion suites, body-scanning facilities and 3D printing studio

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Making our cities smarter

Smart cities

From solar power to smart water pipes, our researchers are developing technology to make cities more connected, efficient and environmentally sustainable. We embed sensing, communication, control and data analytic technologies into critical infrastructure like water, energy, transport and buildings.
Our specialisms include:

  • Internet of Things and smart cities
  • Smart grids
  • Peer to peer energy trading and sharing
  • Electric vehicles and Connected Autonomous Vehicles
  • Wireless Power Transfer
  • PLC/wireless communication
  • Indoor solutions for energy and occupancy management

Manchester Metropolitan University partnered with Siemens UK and Manchester City Council as part of Triangulum for a five-year €25m project funded by Horizon 2020 and won public building energy project of the year at the 2018 Energy Awards.

The University was also part of CityVerve, a £10m smart city project exploring how technology can be used to improve the lives of all Mancunians in aspects from healthcare and transport to culture and the environment.

Pushing the human body

Protecting our bodies for peak performance

We have expertise in developing personal protective equipment for sport and exercise applications. We work with international manufacturers to develop, test and refine novel solutions to improve safety in rugby, boxing and winter sports.

Our multidisciplinary team has developed artificial intelligence (AI) technology for the prevention and management of foot problems in people with diabetes. We are working with a major international healthcare company to integrate this technology into global healthcare systems.
Our Medicine 4.0 project aims to bring the latest in precision medicine technology to hospitals in India.

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Sustainable products of the future

Rethinking Design

We are creative and deliberately disruptive in the way we develop the next generation of product designers. Good design enhances the everyday. It works with its surrounding environment and stays one step ahead of technology.

We teach and practice sustainable design so that products evolve and can be manufactured in ways that protect and benefit the world around us.
Our students use the latest in virtual reality and electrophysiological monitoring of activity in the brain as they design and develop new products.

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View student work at mmu.ac.uk/productdesign
View our product design degrees at mmu.ac.uk/courses

Fine art and 3D printing

Computer Aided Design (CAD) enables artists to create sculptural work and textures that would be nearly impossible by hand. Digital design and additive manufacturing are the artist studios of the future. Keith works in our specialist digital manufacturing hub, PrintCity to access:

  • A wide range of 3D printers, enabling quick and cost-effective creative models. Our range of printers adapt to different scales, resins and other materials
  • Software such as Fusion 360, which is replacing traditional methods in the artist’s toolkit and provides a collaborative digital space. PrintCity trains artists, students and businesses how to use and work together with the software
  • The new creative process of generative design programming whereby software is programmed to generate designs within set parameters enabling creatives to disrupt design conventions

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Smarter Business

Harness technology the right way to grow your business

Industry 4.0 has transformative potential and massive implications for business, big and small. New technology can’t work in isolation: it must be well integrated with every part of your business, most importantly, your people.

We can shape industry 4.0 technology to fit with your workforce, business objectives and processes. We’ll work with you through the challenges you may have from a new technology perspective.

Our industry 4.0 business expertise spans areas such as:

  • Future economies: cryptocurrencies and blockchain, behavioural economics, data analytics, economic geography and the political economy of finance
  • Smart factories: we can build a virtual simulation of your manufacturing processes to streamline and find efficiencies using technology like machine learning
  • Business analytics: providing big data analytics and data science for economic policy, planning and business development

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