In the broadest sense we investigate ‘users’ – as consumers, providers, audiences, scholars and learners – and their interactions and engagements with digital media content and information based applications.

Our work is interdisciplinary but with a shared interest in the fields of information science, communications, information behaviour, information architecture and design.

Research groups

The Information Interactions Research Group (IIRG) undertakes research associated with the way in which people interact, including how they access, evaluate and use information, and how systems can be designed to support such information behaviour. The variety of contexts is diverse as are the technologies in which information interactions occur through multi-media, mobile, and social media technologies.

The IIRG is currently engaged in 5 major strands of research, relating specifically to:

The Technology and Audiences Research Group (TARG) undertakes research associated with the way in which media producers and audiences are responding and interacting with advances in digital technologies and social media.  The TARG is currently engaged in 5 major strands of research relating to:

Research collaboration

We are part of the Department of Languages, Information & Communications and we often collaborate within and across these groups in areas relating to the digital humanities, archives, corpus linguistics, web development and user experience. We are also home to the Centre for Research in Libraries, Information and Media (CeRLIM) and we are members of Manchester Metropolitan University's Digital Innovations Group.

We are actively working with the media industry and the library and information professions in addition to developing research partnership agreements in the public sector. We are currently members of the AHRC North West Doctoral Consortium.