Registering with a GP

Public healthcare in the UK is provided by the National Health Service (NHS). You and your dependants are entitled to free NHS care if your course is going to last for six months or more. Students who are studying for 6 months or more are required to pay an Immigration Health Surcharge to contribute to the NHS whilst you are here, payment for this is taken online at the time of submitting a UK visa application.

If you are a non-EU student on a course of less than six months, you will need to take out health care insurance. Treatment for accident or emergencies is however free for everyone.

You should register with a doctor as soon as possible near to where you live. For further information please see Student Services Health Advice or the NHS Health Services List.

When registering with the doctors you should remember to take your Proof of Study from the Student Hub with you.

For information on healthcare in the UK and how to stay healthy, please see the UK Council’s for International Student Affairs help sheet.