Manchester Met Students Abroad

Many of our courses offer the option to study abroad in countries including Australia, Hong Kong, Japan, the USA and Europe.

Have you ever considered studying abroad as part of your academic programme at Manchester Metropolitan University?

Travelling and experiencing life in another country can be a life changing experience as you discover a new learning environment, make lifelong friends and broaden your horizons.

Research into the benefits of studying or working abroad reports a positive impact on academic and career outcomes.

Find out about the benefits on the GO International website

Many of our courses offer an option to study abroad for three, six or ten months, at partner universities in countries including Australia, Argentina, Canada, China, Hong Kong, Japan, Malaysia, Mexico and the USA plus over 20 countries across Europe. The University participates in the Erasmus+ programme and awards grants to students studying abroad in Europe and beyond. Depending on your course of study, this could be integrated into Year 2 or as an additional year abroad in Year 3 of a four-year degree programme.

There are also summer exchange opportunities open to students of any discipline.

Opportunities to study abroad are competitive. You will need to apply for a place and, to be eligible to go, you must have successfully completed your first year of study, meet all academic requirements set by your department and have the support of your academic department.

Faculty promotional talks for student exchange 2018-19 will commence in September 2017.

 Please consult your Moodle area for faculty exchange talk announcements and attend the sessions to find out more.

Don’t forget – if you have specific questions you can come to the Exchange drop-in every Wednesday during term time 1–3pm. Just check in at the Business School Hub.

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