If you are studying at one of our partner universities on an approved exchange programme, you will continue to pay tuition fees to Manchester Metropolitan University and you will not pay any tuition fees to the host university. You will continue to be registered at Manchester Met during your period abroad as well as register as a student at the host university. 

Some partner universities may charge additional fees for mandatory administrative and recreational services, non-mandatory language classes, courses including fieldwork or non-mandatory project costs. If this is relevant to you, the partner university should inform you of any additional costs during the application process or as part of your acceptance information.

If you are studying or working abroad for the full academic year, you may be eligible to a substantial reduction in tuition fees for the year you are spending abroad.

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Cost of Living

During your exchange or work placement abroad, you will need to budget for the general cost of living as well as additional costs for visas, travel, medical & travel insurance and vaccinations (depending on your destination).

The amount you spend during your exchange can vary depending on where you go and your current lifestyle. NOTE if you require a visa to study abroad at one of our partner universities, you may be required to evidence a certain amount in savings/student loans/sponsorship before your visa document can be released as a way to confirm that you can financially support yourself whilst you are studying abroad. 

We advise that you carefully plan your finances before you commit to studying or working abroad so that you do not find yourself in financial hardship whilst overseas.

If you are in receipt of a UK Government loan to support your studies, you may continue to receive your student loan whilst overseas on exchange or a work placement.

You may also be eligible for a travel grant. To find out more, we advise that you read the information on travel grants at the UK Government website.


Unless there are funding opportunities available (as listed below), the worldwide exchange is self funded so you will need to have the necessary finances in place to fund your exchange period abroad.

Please note that any form of funding is intended to help you with the additional costs of studying abroad. You will therefore need to ensure that you have sufficient funds in place to finance the duration of your exchange.  

There are a range of external funding opportunities that we encourage you to apply for if relevant:


British Universities Transatlantic Exchange Association (BUTEX) - Student Scholarships:

How to Apply for a BUTEX Scholarship

Erasmus+ Mobility Grants:

Find out more about ERASMUS


Erasmus+ Mobility Grants for study in Malaysia (2019-20):

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