In order to deliver the most effective degree programmes for international students, Manchester Metropolitan University offers a variety of learning options, and for international institutions, diverse opportunities for collaboration.

We have a range of partnerships from validation of courses to progression arrangements for international students to gain entry to our courses.

We are always happy to receive partnership requests from institutions around the world. If you would like to discuss a partnership proposal or make a general enquiry please contact us

If you are interested in an exchange/study abroad partnership please contact our Exchanges team.

How to become a Collaborative Partner

There are three steps you need to follow to become a Manchester Met collaborative partner, which includes activity such as franchising and dual awards:

1. Initial assessment of the opportunity

The International Partnerships team together with academic and professional colleagues across the university assess a proposed partnership to decide whether it meets the institution’s strategic objectives and is viable.

2. Partner approval

  • Preliminary visit and initial due diligence
    A Manchester Met team visits your campus to further explore the potential for collaboration, discuss expectations and a best-suited partnership model. We also undertake a due diligence process to review the financial, legal and management aspects of a proposed partnership.

  • Business Case
    Relevant faculty staff together with the International Partnerships Team develop a business case document, which presents a project plan that includes market research, student numbers, proposed fees and academic staffing, which is then submitted for approval.

  • Due Diligence
    Academic Collaboration review all documents and carry out the second part of the due diligence to ensure the quality and standards of a proposed partnership.

3. Programme Approval

  • PARM Event
    Manchester Met employees and external examiners will typically visit your campus to hold a Programme Approval, Review and Modification event (PARM). They formally review the partnership proposal and make a final decision about its approval.

  • Signing of the Contract
    Once approved by a PARM event, the International Partnerships team and colleagues will work with you to draft and sign the collaborative partnership contract.

How to become a Progression/Articulation Partner

To establish a progression/articulation partnership with Manchester Met, you will have to follow these steps:

1. Partner approval

Manchester Met assesses the proposed arrangement and carries out due diligence on your institution.

2. Mapping Exercise

Our Faculty/ International Progressions Manager carries out a mapping exercise to ensure quality and standards are met.

3. Approval and Contract Signing

Once mapping is approved, the International Partnerships team and colleagues will work with you to draft and sign the collaborative partnership contract.

Contact the International partnerships team