Short Term Study

Step 1 What is a short term study visa?

Short-term study visas are issued for up to 6 months for a short course of study or up to 11 months for an English language course. They are also the right visa for Study Abroad students joining us as part of their overseas course and for some Visiting Researchers.

If you have had a Tier 4 visa and are repeating without attendance and would like to access University facilities and attend your re-assessment, then the short-term study visa is for you. It won’t count towards the time cap on your Tier 4 visa permission and, if you pass your re-assessment, you will be able to apply for a new CAS to make a new Tier 4 visa application from your home country.

Short-term study visas cannot be extended and do not grant employment rights, but have less strict maintenance requirements than other immigration categories. You can find more information on UKCISA’s helpful website here.

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