The Short Term Study visa falls within the ‘visitor’ category of visas for the UK. This visa permits students to come for up to 6 months, or 11 months for English language courses. This visa cannot be extended, you cannot switch into another visa category in the UK and you are not permitted to work whilst in the UK on a Short Term Study visa. 

Information about Short Term Study can be found on the UK government website and the UK Council for International Student Affairs (UKCISA) website.



Please read the information from the UK government and UKCISA carefully. One of the requirements you will need from Manchester Met is evidence of your studies, you will need a Short-term study visa letter for this evidence.

At Manchester Met, different departments issue these letters:


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How to apply

Are you a Visa National?

If your nationality is listed on the visa nationals list (appendix 2), you must apply to a UK embassy prior to arriving in the UK. You can apply for a Short Term Study visa up to 3 months prior to your planned travel date. You should apply as soon as possible so you are able to arrive in time for our welcome events and your course start date.

Applications must be submitted outside the UK and are made on the Foreign & Commonwealth Office website.

Non-Visa Nationals

If your nationality is not on the visa national list, then you can request a 6-month Short Term Study visa on entry to the UK. You should meet the requirements of the visa and be able show the evidence to the Border Officer at your port of entry. The Border Officer will endorse your passport with a stamp permitting you to study in the UK for up to 6 months.

If you are a non-visa national but are coming to the UK to study an English course between 6-11 months, you must apply for an Extended Short Term Study visa online before arriving in the UK. An 11-month visa cannot be issued on arrival at your port of entry, this should be applied for on the Foreign & Commonwealth Office website.

If you are a non-visa national but have a complex UK immigration history, for example you have been refused a UK visas previously, we would advise you apply online for a Short Term Study visa from the UK embassy prior to departing your home country.

Important information for all applicants

If you have ever overstayed and/or breached any of the conditions of your immigration permission during a previous stay in the UK, you must disclose this on all applications you submit to the Home Office. Failure to disclose this could lead to a lengthy ban, details of which can be found under Part 9 of the Immigration Rules.


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After your visa is granted

6 months Short Term Study

Prior to departing your country of residence you will be issued with a vignette (a sticker) in your passport. If you are a non-visa national and requested the Short-term study visa on entry to the UK you will receive a stamp in your passport.

11 months Short Term Study

A vignette valid for 30 days and a decision letter from the UK embassy will confirm the full length of your visa. The start and end date of the 30 day vignette will be based on your planned travel date and course start date, please see UCKISAs website for more information. On arrival in the UK you will need to take your decision letter and passport to collect your BRP from the location you chose when you submitted your application.


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If your visa is refused

If your application for entry clearance is refused you should inform the Immigration & Welfare Team immediately, provide a copy of your refusal notice, and seek advice on your options. It is likely that one of the following options is suitable:

If you request a Short Term Study visa at your port of entry and the Border Officer does not think you meet the Short Term Study requirements, you will be informed of your options.

If you receive notification that your immigration application has been rejected or refused, you will have to declare this each time you apply for a UK visa. 


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