Family/Friends visiting

Whilst a student in the UK, your family or friends may wish to visit you. As visitors to the UK they would need to obtain a Standard Visitor visa. If your family/friends nationality is on the visa nationals list (appendix 2)  they must apply to a UK embassy using the online form, prior to arriving in the UK. If their nationality is not listed on the visa nationals list they will be able to request a Standard Visit visa on arrival into the UK.

Your family/friends must meet the requirements to obtain a Standard Visitor visa, below is a list of typical documentation they will require:

The University does not issue letters inviting your family/friends to visit you.


Returning for your Graduation

Our Graduations Team can supply a formal invitation on Manchester Met letterhead to use when applying for a Standard Visitor visa to attend your graduation ceremony. Please contact the Graduation Helpline on 0161 247 5959 or email to request a letter.

You should also meet the Standard Visitor visa requirements.


Visiting Manchester Met prior to accepting your offer

If you would like to visit the UK and Manchester Met prior to accepting your offer to study with us, you will need to meet the requirements and apply for Standard Visitor visa. You should use your offer letter from Manchester Met and explain at the time of application that you will be visiting the University to make a decision our offer. 


Visas & Immigration