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Helpline Heroes

Meet the faces behind the friendly voices helping you make the most of IT at Manchester Met.

The IT Helpline team consists of experts here to help you get to grips with all the technology that surrounds us.

Their duties are not only to manage your phone and email enquiries, but to assist their colleagues at NORMAN based in Newcastle-on-Tyne by first thing in the morning picking up queries from the overnight shift that require rapid resolution.

The IT Helpline team is staffed by heroes.

We're delighted to introduce them to you.


Rares Chirila

Service Desk Advisor

Meet Rares

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Manoj Patel

Service Desk Advisor

Meet Manoj

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Kate Carrington

Incident Co-ordinator

Meet Kate

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John Geddis

Service Desk Advisor

Meet John

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Billy Holmes

Service Desk Advisor

Meet Billy

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Billy Brown

Problem Co-ordinator

Meet Billy

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Abi Jones

Service Desk Advisor

Meet Abi

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