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IT Rovers

IT Rovers are our student superheroes offering in-person help and support while working with Campus Management to maintain the devices on which you rely.

What are IT Rovers?

Manchester Met provides an incomparable level of IT support by phone and email from the Helpline team - and with on-the-spot support, courtesy of our friendly IT Rovers.

IT Rovers are hired from the student population at Manchester Met. They provide face-to-face IT support throughout the day and into the early evening, five days a week.

Whether you have questions about hardware, software or applications, an IT Rover will be able to provide the answers and help get your work done.

IT Rovers support the helpline team and their Campus Management colleagues. Together they provide an uninterrupted IT support service - on campus, and across Manchester Met's Halls of Residence.

Where can I find IT Rovers?

You'll find IT Rovers providing technical support across the University every weekday.

Next time you need a hand with anything IT - from printing to Moodle, getting online using eduroam to downloading Office 365 - just look out for our IT Rovers in their maroon t-shirts. They'll be happy to help.

How to become an IT Rover

All Manchester Met students can apply to become IT Rovers. You not only get to work with a great team of fellow tech enthusiasts who loving providing and learning about IT support - there's money in it, too.

To find out about current vacancies for IT Rovers, sign up to the mailing list at the Jobs4Students section of the Manchester Met website.

Benefits of being an IT Rover

IT Rovers are an essential part of Information Systems.

Gaining new skills and friends, earning a little extra money, and having something new to add to your CV - those are just a handful of reasons to consider becoming an IT Rover.

In return for their commitment to helping thousands of people get IT, they also receive invaluable training and experience that might one day be their advantage over a fellow candidate when it comes to securing a career in the world of technology - whether further afield or right here as a graduate apprentice.

Kate's story: from IT Rover to helpline hero

Kate Carrington became an IT Rover in her third year at Manchester Met. She's now a full-time member of the IT Helpline team. 

Kate was hired as a Service Desk Advisor in October 2016, a few months after graduating in Psychology. Less than a year later she received a promotion, being seconded to the role of Incident Co-ordinator.

Of her time as an IT Rover, Kate said: "It's hard and rewarding work, but there are only so many hours in the day so when considering joining IT Rovers you should plan your time carefully - coming to University is a lot of fun and there are many opportunities to learn and experience new things, but you have to put your studies first.

"I had the best time as an IT Rover. It's not only great fun helping other people learn about technology, and making sure that everything runs as it should, but it gave me the chance to move into an IT career.

"The icing on the cake was the chance to be part of the Information Systems team working out of the Old Students Union. They're a real friendly bunch and there are plenty of opportunities to advance my career in different directions within technology."

Need IT support?
Call the 24-hour helpline on 0161 247 4646.

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