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Smart Campus

Investing in digital technology, bringing together the physical and digital campus

Our vision

“To help create an enriching and rewarding experience by leveraging innovative technology to enhance the experience for both staff and students as they navigate the physical and virtual campus. This experience will differentiate Manchester Metropolitan University as it seeks to attract the best and brightest students and staff from around the world.”

About Smart Campus

Smart Campus is a group of projects which together will help shape the University. We are focusing on harnessing digital technologies for teaching, learning and working to ensure we are supporting our students, staff and visitors at Manchester Metropolitan University.

The projects and activities within Smart Campus may have different audiences, different foci and will be delivered at different points over the coming years, but the common theme throughout is that they aim to enhance the student experience and pull together the virtual and the physical campus.

All activities supporting Smart Campus stem from our Information Systems Strategy.

Information Systems Strategy

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Wifi - eduroam

Connecting our staff and students to secure international wifi Wifi is all around - across our classrooms, offices and residential halls, you're always connected. It's even available in All Saint's Park.

Lecture Capture

Supporting our students through investment in technology enhanced learningLecture Capture will enable Manchester Met’s ambition to enhance our teaching and learning digital capabilities, improve engagement with our students and support their independent learning. 

Windows 10

Ensuring our students have the latest Microsoft operating systemSupporting our University ambition to create outstanding environments for innovative, flexible and internationalised learning by delivering a seamless digital learning and teaching experience regardless of physical location or device.

Cloud access

Ensuring our students can access their apps and storage wherever they are in the worldHelping our students get the most from their learning and teaching experience, regardless of programme of study, geographical location, or their preferred device by harnessing cloud storage and applications.

Engagement monitoring

Providing tools supporting strong and continual engagement for our students in their studiesWe use technology to help us support students. Through attendance and engagement monitoring and online assessments we can identify when our students need extra support.