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Encryption and passwords

Resources and guidance to help you secure University information with strong passwords and encryption.

It is essential that the University employs appropriate safeguards when sending information externally; encryption and strong password management are at the heart of this. 

Encryption is the process of scrambling information to make it meaningless to anyone without the key required to reverse the scrambling - rendering it useless to unauthorised users. This protects information from risks associated with interception of electronic traffic, and also reduces the risks of accidentally sending information to the wrong recipient.

How you can help: 

Why is encryption important?

  • Encryption helps to ensure sensitive information is sent securely and does not fall into the wrong hands.
  • Encryption can protect your information if your device is lost or stolen.

Who should encrypt information?

  • All University staff should consider the information they share and whether they should encrypt this information when sending it externally.

What should be encrypted?

  • All sensitive information that will be sent outside of the University should be encrypted.
  • All mobile devices used to access a Manchester Met email account.
  • USB drives used for University purposes.

When should you encrypt your information or device?

  • When you consider the information to be sensitive and are sharing it externally. For guidance on when to classify information as sensitive, please refer to our Information Classification scheme.
  • All mobile devices and USB drives should be encrypted before connecting to the University network.

How do you encrypt information or devices?

What else can staff do to protect sensitive information?

  • Always ensure you are using strong passwords. For guidance on password management please refer to Information Security password management control procedure.
    • You might wish to use online password management tools such as LastPass and 1Password.
  • When working remotely, ensure you are connected to a virtual private network (VPN). 

Use one of the following methods when sending sensitive information:

Contact the Information Security team

Device Encryption


The use of encryption can be undermined by use of weak passwords.

How to create a strong and secure password:

Information Security