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Strategic projects

We are currently investing to transform our Information Systems capabilities with a strong focus on usability, mobility and integration.

The Strategic Investment Roadmap focuses on modernising, transforming and enhancing our capabilities to allow the University to engage with staff and students in ways that are efficient, reliable and engaging, and to provide a seamless experience regardless of device of physical location.

These strategic Information Systems projects directly support the University’s teaching and research agenda and places our students at the heart of our service model.

The strategic investments can be grouped into three categories: essential refresh of our technology, improving capabilities of current technology and strategic transforming our technology by developing and deploying advanced capabilities across campus.

Our objectives

The objectives of the Information Systems Strategic Investment Roadmap are:

  1. To enable the University to achieve its strategic objectives in the areas of student experience, research, internationalisation, business engagement and sustainability.
  2. To deliver the underpinning capabilities necessary to ensure business critical IT services are delivered in an effective and efficient way.
  3. To plan for appropriate levels of resourcing, both financial and staffing, necessary to implement the projects in the roadmap, and to provide effective ongoing support to the resulting business services.

Our projects

Our strategic projects are grouped into the five areas below. We will be continually updating project specific pages with project overviews, timelines and FAQs as they become available:

  1. Student management
  2. Teaching and learning
  3. Research
  4. Business systems
  5. Enabling technologies