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Lecture Capture

Latest information about our Lecture Capture project.

Lecture Capture will enable Manchester Met’s ambition to enhance our teaching and learning digital capabilities, improve engagement with our students and support their independent learning. 

What is Lecture Capture?

Lecture Capture is a system that captures lecture content (audio and projector output only) which is then available to students in Moodle within 2 working days. From September 2018 Lecture Capture will be in enabled in the Lecture Capture locations

After feedback from staff and UCU we are operating Lecture Capture with an opt-in to automatic publishing process. More information about this process is available on our training and resources page. 


At Manchester Met, we strive to create an excellent learning environment and outstanding teaching experience, placing our students and their success at the heart of the University.

As such, we are introducing Lecture Capture at Manchester Metropolitan University to meet the needs of our staff and students and build on our technology enhanced learning offering. Students and academic staff have raised Lecture Capture as a service which would improve the effectiveness of teaching, giving students a vital learning resource.

The key benefits of Lecture Capture are:

Improved opportunities for learning – Lecture Capture will enhance learning by allowing our students to replay and revisit their lectures, supporting their own independent learning and improving inclusivity of our key resources.

Enhanced brand and reputation – Lecture Capture will ensure that we keep pace with the sector in terms of enhanced learning provision, as Manchester Met continues to  drive improvement through innovation in learning and teaching. Our students have asked for Lecture Capture and we are delivering.

Please note: Lecture Capture is not intended as a replacement for attending lectures and not every lecture will be captured. 


We are introducing Lecture Capture in the following phases:

The pilot trialled Lecture Capture in a small number of locations. Staff and students involved in the pilot have helped to feed into process improvement for further rollout by identifying any issues and areas to improve.

When fully implemented, Lecture Capture will be available in the Lecture Capture locations across the University.

Questions about Lecture Capture 

While we are excited about the benefits that Lecture Capture can offer to staff, students and the University, we want to address any concerns or questions that you may have. 

A list of FAQs are available that are mainly based on questions received during the pilot stage. 

We also have a Lecture Capture policy and joint Memorandum of Understanding with UCU available for reference: 

If you have any questions or feedback about Lecture Capture, please get in touch with the Lecture Capture team, Centre of Excellence in Learning and Teaching (CELT) or Technology Enhanced Learning (TEL): 

If you have a technical issue when trying to use the Lecture Capture system, please get in touch with the IT Helpline by using the following contact details: 

Further information

To hear more about the pilot in the Faculty of Business and Law, read the Lecture Capture news article in 16 March ManMetLife magazine. 

For training information and resources please visit our training and resources page.

If you want to get in touch, please contact us via the contact details above.