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Research software engineering capabilities

Supporting our Research and knowledge Exchange strategy

The Research and Knowledge Exchange (RKE) Strategy is one of three thematic strategies which underpins the overall University Strategy. This strategy has defined 13 key Research Centres and has set out an ambitious plan to grow Manchester Metropolitan’s research impact.

As research in many disciplines is evolving rapidly and becoming more computationally and data intensive, we want to support our University researchers and help drive Manchester Met’s research agenda and impact by introducing research software engineering capabilities.

ISDS are planning to support University researchers by recruiting Research software engineers (RSEs) and supporting the advanced software and data engineering skills to help successfully achieve challenging research outcomes. RSEs will be engaged on research projects on a medium to long-term basis and their work will be directed by the project PI.

What is the role of research software engineers?

RSEs combine an expertise in software development and programming with a deep understanding of research.

Research software engineering is a key complementary discipline to academic research, with an active community nationally and globally. While there is a strong emphasis on traditionally computationally and data intensive disciplines of engineering, computer science, physics and the life sciences, there is also growing need for support for the digital humanities.


Expand impact and range of research

By providing in-depth embedded support to the growing number of research projects that rely on expertise in computation and data engineering


Improve sustainability and effectiveness of research software


By reusing and sustaining existing code and engineering software in a more professional manner utilising appropriate best practice

Broaden the adoption of centrally provisioned research IT

Supporting capabilities across a wide cross-section of the University research community, thereby helping enhance the overall impact of research


Create clear pathway for research assistants

By providing development opportunities and encouraging skills retention and knowledge sharing between research groups


Find out how to get RSE support on your project

If you would like to find out more or talk about your research software engineering requirements, please contact either:

IT for Research