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Our Service Catalogue

Directory of ISDS services

ISDS services

We define a service as a means of delivering value to the university by facilitating outcomes customers (our staff, students and guests) want to achieve. These include supporting learning, teaching and research; underpinning business processes; and providing the tools and systems that staff and students use to carry out their day-to-day tasks.

Service Catalogue

Our Service Catalogue is a complete list of services provided by ISDS, designed to articulate what we offer to staff, students and guests. We also use the catalogue within ISDS as a structure for our service delivery and management processes.

Service Catalogue

Our Performance

We publish our service level targets so that our customers know exactly what level of support to expect, and we continually measure and report on our performance against these targets to ensure that our services are reliable, available, and fit for purpose. These reports are used to identify trends and drive improvements in processes, skills and technologies.

We're proud of our comitment to transparency and delivering quality services, so our monthly reports are available here.

Our Performance

IT Service Management

IT Service Management covers all the activities involved in designing, creating, delivering, supporting and managing the lifecycle of IT services. We use service management processes and best practice to encourage an integrated approach across the department and alignment with the university's strategic objectives.

The Service Management Office is responsible for developing, managing and continuously improving IT service management processes across the organisation.

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