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Multi-factor authentication

MFA helps to keep your data and information safe.

Multi-factor authentication

What is multi-factor authentication (MFA)?

MFA provides a way of confirming that a user really is who they are claiming to be when accessing IT systems. The additional factor(s) should be something that only the user can access, such as a code sent by text message or created by a mobile app. This is commonly used for banking web sites, and is increasingly used for other web services.

Why should I use MFA?

Passwords can be stolen by attackers, potentially giving them access to online accounts. However, accounts that have been set up to use MFA will require an extra check, so even if an attacker knows a password, they won't be able to access the account without also having the additional factor.

At the University we have seen a large number of phishing attacks, many of which have been successful and resulted in compromised accounts. While the University’s security teams are well-equipped to deal with these incidents, use of MFA on high value systems will significantly reduce the risk. Due to the personal data being processed, and the business impact of confidentiality, integrity or availability breaches of this data, the University has chosen to use MFA to protect the web interface to the Unit 4 system.

MFA best practice


• Download the Microsoft authenticator app for the best and most secure experience. (other apps are available and will work, such as the google authenticator)            


• Register at least 2 factors of authentication with the service, such as an authenticator app and a mobile phone number. If one factor of authentication  is unavailable the second factor can be used. Additional factors can be added here:


• Do not use an office desk phone as an authentication method, as these are easily accessible by other people.


• If you are using a personal phone as an authentication method ensure it is protected by a password/PIN.




Where to change your MFA data

If you lose a device or would like to change one of you MFA methods please access the link below


Once authenticated you are able to add and modify your security including the default MFA method used by your account. Please note - you will need to authenticate via MFA to access this page.

How to get support if you delete or lose your sign in info

If you do experience any issues accessing Manchester Met services using MFA, or have lost access to all factors of authentication, please contact the IT Helpline on 0161 247 4646 or send an email to     

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