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Minitab is a general-purpose statistical software package designed for easy interactive use but powerful enough for analyzing research data.

Data scientists and decision makers worldwide use Minitab to analyze and visualize their data.

With Minitab, you can draw graphs and charts, run descriptive statistics, and conduct basic inferential tests for data-driven decision making.

How to download Minitab

Download Minitab from

Learn how to use Minitab offers video courses helping you get to grips with SPSS, such as:

As a Manchester Met student, you enjoy complimentary access to

How to get free access to

Minitab and IBM SPSS

Both Minitab and IBM SPSS are robust statistical analysis packages. Your tutor will be best-placed to help you decide which package would work best for your situation. Both these applications are not only used in the learning environment, but also out in the wider world of business.

Watch this brief comparison of Minitab and IBM SPSS

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