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Here's where you keep your details up-to-date so we can stay in touch to provide you with important information during your studies at Manchester Met.

Manchester Met may from time to time need to send you an email about your course, or things happening at the University.

That's why it's important we have your most up-to-date details.

If you change your email address, please let us know by updating your information inside this Account section of MyMMU.

In Account you can also update your computer password.

You can also register in Account for the self-service password reset tool.

Go to Account

Download the MyMMU app

Available for Apple devices and Android devices

Visit MyMMU web version

      Go to MyMMU

To login to MyMMU in the app and online, all you need is your university username ( and password. Returning students may need to refresh the app by logging out and in again. 

To make it easier and quicker to access the online resources you need, wherever you are – we have added Microsoft authentication, which means you only need to login once.