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Keep your Met card and printer credit topped up here to save you time and money throughout your studies.

Need to top up your printer credit or met card? You can do this quickly and easily using the Finance app inside MyMMU.

What's inside the Finance app

Met card top-up

The met card is a pre-paid credit for you to spend on various Manchester Met goods and services.

New full time eligible undergraduate degree and foundation year students (excluding incoming exchange students) will receive a £20 top up when they activate the card at using their network ID and password.

You can find out how much credit you have remaining on your met card by clicking this Finance app at MyMMU.

About the met card

Printer top-up

Don't get caught short when you need to submit your next printed assignment.

It's easy to top up your printer credit using the Finance app. Simply click the 'printer top-up' link and enter your credit or debit card information to add credit to your University account.

You can spend printing credit using your University card.

Printing at Manchester Met

Finance information

This section is where you'll find important information about your University payments.

For advice about your finances at University, please contact your nearest student hub.

Manchester Met student hubs

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To login to MyMMU in the app and online, all you need is your university username ( and password. Returning students may need to refresh the app by logging out and in again. 

To make it easier and quicker to access the online resources you need, wherever you are – we have added Microsoft authentication, which means you only need to login once.