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Office 365 Groups

Office 365 Groups is a service that works with the Office 365 tools you use already so you can collaborate with your teammates

A group is the way you experience and work collectively when editing documents, planning projects, scheduling team meetings and more.

What is an Office 365 Group? 

Accessing Groups in Office 365

For students

  1. Log into using your University ID in the format and your University password
  2. Once you have logged in, there will be a side menu called ‘Groups’ with links to ‘Discover’ or ‘Create’ Groups.

For staff

Staff can create a Group using Planner.

Planner is an Office 365 app used to organise teamwork and tasks. Planner is highly integrated with Office 365 groups: each time a new plan is created, a new Office 365 Group is also created.

To create a new plan:

  1. Log into using your University ID in the format and your University password
  2. Under 'Apps', click 'Explore all your apps'.
  3. Scroll down and click on 'Planner'. This will open the Planner Hub, where you can see your existing plans or create a new plan.

Useful information:

  • Deleting a plan will permanently delete that plan's contents. It is not restorable.
  • Office 365 Groups can also be deleted from within Planner. They are recoverable for 30 days; the Group owner can contact the IT Helpline to request that a deleted Group be recovered.

Helpful links:

See a video overview of Planner

Planner video training from Microsoft

Microsoft Planner Essential Training on LinkedIn Learning

Expiration of Office 365 Groups

Responsibilities of an Office 365 Group Owner

Good to know

  • Choose a sensible name that is related to and summarises the function and purpose of the group. Certain words are blocked from being used in group names.
  • An Office 365 group must have at least one owner. We would advise having two owners.
  • Office 365 Groups can be public or private and users outside the University can be invited to join a group.
  • Staff and Students can see who is a member of both public and private groups.
  • All groups are set to private by default. This means only approved members can see what’s inside the group.
  • All groups created from 7th March 2019 will be prefixed with 'grp-'.
  • All groups created by students will automatically be suffixed with -STUDENT.

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