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Connection issues

Find solutions to common problems accessing the internet and University network.

When you're working on your personal device you'll often need to connect to the University network to access your files or to use Manchester Met apps via MyMMU.

Struggling to connect? The most likely problem is your University ID or network password.

What's my username and password?

When logging into University services in a web browser, your username will usually be in the format:

If you've accessed the network before, you'll have set your own password.

If this is your first time accessing the network, your temporary password will be as follows:

Managing your password

For guidance on managing your password, including resetting your password and choosing a new password, see the Password support page.

Your internet connection is down

If you can't access the network, it might be that there are connection issues with the internet.

Please try other website addresses and if those websites are also unavailable, it's most likely an internet connection issue.

Please try again in a couple of hours. If you're logging in remotely, please contact your internet service provider (ISP).

If you're logging on via Eduroam, please keep an eye on our Twitter feed for updates and we'll let you know when we're back online.

Problems with the network

On occasions we may need to carry out routine maintenance which results in a short period of downtime.

You can see if any services are affected by checking the Service Availability widget on the home page.

Access to a section of the website, or an application, is restricted

If this is the case and you should have access, please contact the IT Helpline.

When getting in touch please outline the reasons for your access to that section of the website or application.

I'm leaving Manchester Met

Nearing the end of your time with Manchester Met? You might find that access is restricted to certain applications or functions on the network.

If you're having any problems getting connected to the network, please contact the IT Helpline.

Access to a website or application is restricted

If you have received an alert explaining that you do not have permission to view a website or use an application - and you require access as part of your work or study - please contact the IT Helpline.

Don't forget to outline why you need access to that website or application so we can expedite your request.

Unable to log onto an Manchester Met laptop or desktop PC due to 'No logon servers available' error

If you are unable to log onto an Manchester Met laptop due to a 'No logon servers available' error then the machine is not connected to our network. Connect the machine to the Manchester Met network using a ethernet cable to gain access to the machine. 

If you are unable to log onto an Manchester Met desktop PC due to a 'No logon servers available' error then please contact the IT Helpline.

Need IT support?
Call the 24-hour helpline on 0161 247 4646.