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Network access using VPN

There are two kinds of virtual private network (VPN). Know which to use - and how to use it.

Staff can use a secure encrypted connection to access the University network from outside the University using a virtual private network (VPN).

VPN access is provided in two ways: Web VPN and Client VPN.

Web VPN (available to all staff)

All permanent staff - that is, anyone with access to MyHR – are eligible to use Web VPN.

This is a remote access service. You will receive an invitation to register for access as soon as you join the University and, once you've registered, your access will last until you leave.

Your invitation to register is valid for a fortnight. If you haven't signed up by then, you'll receive a reminder and a further two weeks notice period.

If you don't think you'll need to use any of the services available through Web VPN, there's no need to sign up – but if you later decide that you do, contact the IT Helpline.

Associate lecturer?

You'll need to renew your registration each time you begin a new contract with the University.

How to use Web VPN

Once you log in, the available services are listed on the left. You will only be able to access the services you are already allowed to use.

If there is a service you need to access remotely which isn't listed, please contact the IT Helpline.


When registering your mobile number for Web VPN, you must replace the leading zero with the UK international dialling code, 44.

So if your mobile number is 09876444555, enter 449876444555.

Client VPN (on request for University staff)

‌‌Client VPN allows you to have secure off-campus access to everything you would have if you were connected to the MMU network 

If you have an MMU Staff account, then you are automatically able to log into Cisco AnyConnect VPN client on your Windows MMU machine with your MMU ID number and network password. 

To request the Cisco AnyConnect client to be installed on your MMU machine, please contact the IT Helpline.

How to use Client VPN

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