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Encryption for USB devices

We guide you through the important process of encrypting USB drives when connecting to University computers.

All University laptops and MacBooks are encrypted. We have also made Windows USB encryption available to staff and this is incredibly easy to use.

About USB drive encryption

We use a simple encryption method which provides enhanced protection against data theft or exposure of sensitive information by storing everything on the hard drive in an encrypted format. Once it's up and running, most users won't notice a difference. The encryption works in the background and will usually only be invoked should somebody try to hack into the device.

USB drive encryption for Windows

Encryption for USB devices is available as standard on all staff Windows devices connected to the University network. It's a very simple process, which requires just two clicks and a password to encrypt all of the content on a USB device, such as a pen drive or an external hard drive.

USB drive encryption for Macs

USB encryption is also available for Macs and MacBooks, but there are a few things that you need to be mindful of before using this feature:

Cross-platform USB drive encryption

For any members of staff who need to encrypt data and then access it on multiple platforms (ie, Windows and Mac), your department can purchase USB sticks with built-in encryption which we'll source and configure for you.

Please send any requests, along with your budget holder's approval, to IT Helpline.

Guides to encrypting your devices

What if I get locked out?

Day to day operation should not invoke the encryption lock. In the unlikely event that this should happen please contact the IT Helpline on 0161 247 4646.

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