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While on campus you're only ever a few metres away from one of these multi-functional printers. That means they can also photocopy and scan. Find out how to use them below.

Our Printers are Multifunctional and are available across the University.

You can print from any computer or phone to any of the printers across the Manchester Met campus.

What you can print

Printers across Manchester Met locations offer:

For any other printing jobs - including printing any of the above in bulk (quantities of 25 or more) - contact Print Services.


How to Print

1. How to send your file to print

Select File> Print in your chosen application.

This should automatically send your file to your default printer queue, which will be either: MMUPrint-Mono or MMUPrint-Colour



2. How to collect your printed file from the printer

You can collect your prints from any one of the printers across the University. However, they will not be physically printed until you select print on the printer itself.

1. Begin by logging in. You do this by swiping your MMU ID card or manually using your University username and password on the main screen. See our separate guide on How to login for more advice.

Remember: Some of the printers will print in colour and black & white, while others will only print black & white. Check the label on the front of each printer which will note the machine type.

2. Once logged in you will then see the homescreen - press the 'Pull Print' icon 

3. After a moment or two, a list of all the documents you have sent to print within the last 48 hours will be displayed

4. To print individual items from the list, press the name of one of them to select it (so a tick appears in
the box), and then press Print

5. You can also delete unwanted items by selecting each item and then pressing Delete

6. If you wish to print all of the items listed then you can simply press Print All. This means you then don’t have to select each individual item

Remember: The numbers given on each item show you the approximate cost of printing. This is a ‘best guess’ based on the number of pages, whether or not you have requested single or double-sided printing and if any of the pages contain colour.


For more advice and pictures, please see our PDF Guides: 

Guides on how to use the printers

Printing by email

In addition to printing from University computers, you can also send files from your University email address  

Simply collect your work within 48 hours from any Manchester Met MFP by swiping your ID card, or logging in with your ID number and network password.

About printing by email

How to pay for printing

Students pay for printing:

  • In cash at any of our payment kiosks
  • Online

How to pay online

  • Enter the online payment system
  • Click the ePay button
  • Your Manchester Met email address will be displayed. Enter the amount you wish to pay, and click Accept
  • Choose a payment card, such as your met card or a credit/debit card
  • Check and enter your billing details

NB: You should swipe in to the printer using your Manchester Met ID card - not your Met Card.

Need advice on a print job?