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Wide format printing

Printing at sizes A2 and larger. Do it yourself, or with help from Print Services.

Sometimes you need to print big. You'll find wide format printers at Manchester School of Art.

What size is wide format printing?

Wide format printing at Manchester Met has standard sizes of A2, A1 and A0 or you can customise to the size you require (up to 44 inches wide).

If you want to print at larger sizes, Print Services can help.

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Where are the wide format printers?

All our wide format printers for student use are located in the Manchester School of Art.

Benzie Building — 3rd Floor

Chatham Tower — 6th Floor (CH 601)

Wide format scanning is also available. 

How do I use wide format printers?

You can print in wide format from any PC or Mac in the student open access areas of Chatham Tower and Benzie Building.

Please read these guides carefully. If you have any questions or require technical support to make the most out of the wide format printers, please contact our Digital Media Team on 0161 247 1925. For faults or issues (e.g. printer out of paper), please call the IT Helpline on 0161 247 4646. 

Further guidance and tips can be found: ‌

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