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Information Systems Strategy

Our University is a great, modern university, in a global city, here to make an impact on Manchester, our nation and beyond, with a driving ambition to discover and disseminate knowledge, and make higher education accessible and beneficial to all those with the passion and ability to succeed. This Information Systems Strategy directly supports the objectives and vision of our University and sets out how we will embrace our digital opportunities.


To support the vision and direction of the University, Information Systems and Digital Services (ISDS) will focus on highly usable, flexible and personalised digital channels that offer deep integration with our business processes. This move towards increasingly mobile and integrated capabilities will enable us to provide a seamless experience to our University staff, students and visitors regardless of device or physical location, directly supporting the teaching, learning and research goals of the University while safeguarding the integrity of University information assets.

We will take advantage of the increasing adoption of cloud-based computing services, continuing to develop our relationship with external partners. We will move from being a manufacturer of IT services to an expert partner and service orchestrator, providing IT to our staff and students through both internal and third party capabilities.

The scope of this strategy is information systems, technology and digital capabilities at Manchester Metropolitan University, regardless of the specific department that delivers these capabilities.

This strategy shows how we will support the University’s mission through clear strategic planning and alignment, transforming our capabilities to meet the changing needs of the University and delivering quality services.

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