Teacher Training

Develop as an English language teaching professional and give your own language skills a boost at the same time.

As dedicated professionals, we are keen to help practising teachers develop their classroom skills and personal expertise as language teachers. At the same time, our courses can provide a confidence-boosting Advanced English refresher that helps international teachers speak more naturally, with a more extensive vocabulary, and with greater accuracy.

We can design courses from one day to one month to meet the exact needs and interests of your group of teachers of English as a foreign language.

In recent years, we have designed courses for: primary teachers; secondary, junior and senior high teachers; university lecturers; and vocational college teachers.

We recognise that teachers work in differing educational contexts, and have different needs and professional development interests, so no two courses are ever the same. For your course, you could choose from input on topics such as:


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Bespoke Language Courses