Evening Language Classes: FAQs

If you haven’t found an answer to your question from the below FAQs, please complete our contact us form and we'll get back to you as soon as we can.

How can I tell which level I should study?

Please read the information on our webpage to gauge your level. Please note, as we are restricted to 18 students in each class it might not be possible to "swap" to another class later.  You are advised to consult our "course descriptors" before making a booking.

It is stated on the webpage that "classes will run subject to minimum registration" for each class.  How and when will I know if the class I am interested in will run or not?

The Language Centre will let you know as soon as possible if we cancel any class. If you have booked a place on a course that has been cancelled we will email you and your course fee will be fully refunded. 

For courses that do meet the minimum registration requirements, online booking will close when the maximum number of places (18) is reached.  If the course meets minimum registration requirements but has availability we will leave online booking open until midnight on the Sunday following the Monday of the first week that all the courses start. After that time, customers are welcome to email languagecentre@mmu.ac.uk to see if there are any places left on courses that have already started.  They will be notified of availability and will be given instructions regarding payment. The price of £175 applies to all courses including those that have already started.  Most courses require customers to purchase a text book.

Can I get a refund?

Please see refund policy below.  All refund requests must be sent by email to languagecentre@mmu.ac.uk.  Please provide your booking reference, name and name of course.

Refund Information

    • If The Language Centre cancels a course a full refund will be made and no administration fee will be charged.  If a customer has paid for 2 or 3 terms and then the 2nd and/or 3rd term is cancelled they will only receive a refund for the cancelled terms.
    • If a customer cancels after the first day of the course they will not receive a refund.
    • If a customer cancels before the first day of the course a refund will be made subject to a £35 administration fee per person.
    • If a customer pays for 3 terms upfront and completes the first term or first and second term, but then withdraws from the course, a refund  for terms 2 and term 3 will not be permissible.  If a customer pays for 2 terms upfront, and completes the first term, but then withdraws from the course, a refund for the 2nd term will not be permissible.

How do I book a course? 

Bookings are made by payment through our Online Store. Payment must be made in full to secure your place.  You will receive a receipt.  We will send you the room information later (no later than one week before the course starts).

Can I pay by Met card?

Yes, to pay by Met Card visit the Finance Service Centre in Righton Building, Manchester Met Campus. Speak to a member of staff in the Finance Service Centre to help you pay for an Evening Language Class via Met Card. Once complete, please scan and email the receipt to languagecentre@mmu.ac.uk so that we can record the booking and adjust our records.

Unfortunately we are unable to take payment by Met card online.

Are there any discounts?

If customers book 2 terms upfront they will receive a 5% discount. There are no other discounts. You can view the costs of our classes on the prices page.

How many participants are there in each class?

We have a maximum class size of 18. Places are filled on a first-come, first-served basis. Each class requires a minimum of 6 enrolments to run.

I have booked a class. When will I find out the room information?

We will contact you with your class information no less than one week before your course starts.

Do I get a certificate of attendance?

There is no award and no credits attached to these courses.  From October 2018 only, students who study for 3 consecutive terms in any academic year will receive a certificate of attendance at the end of that academic year.  These will be handed out to students in class.  Should the student not be in class, the certificate will be emailed to the student.   

Do Manchester Met students receive credits for these classes?

No. The Evening Language Programme is for leisure and is non credit-bearing. Manchester Met students who are interested in taking a language as part of their degree should check whether they are eligible for Uniwide.

Can I use the University Library?

As you will not be enrolled on a credit-bearing programme, you are unable to access the resources in the Library.

How do I catch up if I miss a class?

Try to let your tutor know in advance that you will be unable to attend. Your tutor will be able to email you any resources and learning content that you miss. Please note that it is your responsibility to catch up on any classes you miss.

What level is the Beginners course?

Our Beginners courses are generally for complete beginners, starting with no knowledge of the language. You are advised to consult our Course Descriptors before making a booking.

I’ve studied a Beginners course before. Am I now ready for Post-beginners?

You are advised to consult our Course Descriptors before making a booking.

I have a basic understanding of the language as I studied GCSE/O Level. What level should I choose?

It will depend on what grade you achieved and when you last studied. You are advised to consult our Course Descriptors before making a booking.

Do I need to buy a course book?

If a course book is used for your class, it will be included on our list of recommended books which we will provide to you once you have paid for the course, at least one week before the course starts. You will need to purchase the recommended text.

If no text is specified on the list of recommended books, all materials will be provided by your tutor.

Please note: If you are intending to purchase the book required for your class, we would advise you to wait until we can confirm that your class is running. All material will be provided in your first week to allow you time to make your purchase.

Can I book additional one-to-one tuition?

We are unable to offer one-to-one tuition. You will need to find a private language tutor.

Is the Chinese class Cantonese or Mandarin?


Do the classes cover specific dialects?

It will not be possible to cover individual dialects in any detail.

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