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Daniel Hall

"My course has enhanced my employability prospects"
About My Degree

I’ve just begun my final year at Manchester Metropolitan University- it’s hard work but up until now I’ve thoroughly enjoyed my course. 

I had studied Spanish for five years at high school, and then chose to do it as a degree and Manchester Met allowed me to combine this with Italian. I’d never spoken Italian in my life but I’d always been really interested in the culture (especially the food) and I had been there a few times on holiday.

After starting from scratch in September 2011, the tuition I received was amazing. You go from knowing nothing at all to having a huge range of vocabulary and knowledge of how the language works in only nine months and if you’re willing to put in the effort your new language can be on a par with the language you studied at GCSE and A Level.

Doing this course has enabled me now to work abroad in two different locations and to study for a year in Spain and Italy; something that studying at Manchester Met has given me the confidence to do. I took a teaching job in Italy between my first and second year, which I don’t think I would have done had I been studying any other degree. Also an Erasmus placement, which you will do in your third year, is a fantastic way to become fluent in the languages that you study. It doesn’t only help your language however, it gives you challenges that you may not have though about facing like finding accommodation in a foreign country, going to a local shop where no one speaks English, and making friends in a completely different language and environment.

I’m now in my final year and I believe that my course has enhanced my employability prospects- the year abroad is just one of the things that looks good on your CV, also having studied interpreting and translating is something that helps you stand out from the crowd. As well as what you get on your course, you can work as a student ambassador which means you can earn money alongside your studies, and it gives you a chance to get to know how the university works better in general. 

What is your top tip for other students looking to study this course at Manchester Metropolitan University?

Pair up with Erasmus/European students and practice your language! Go for a coffee or see each other socially every week and speak for an hour in the language you study and then speak to them for an hour in English and you can both improve!

Please complete this sentence: ‘I’m inspired by…’

People who work hard to achieve their dreams and never give up.

In terms of university, people who are passionate about what they study and bring what they are talking about to life inspire me.

What do you love about Manchester Metropolitan University?

I love that the lecturers all have time for you. Every lecturer in the languages department takes the time to get to know you and when you see them in or out of University the will always take the time to say hello and see how you are. It is a very friendly university. 


Daniel features in this video about the
benefits of studying Italian.

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