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Languages, Linguistics and TESOL

David Heffer

"The support and opportunities that I have received from Manchester Met have been outstanding"
What is your current role and what are your main responsibilities?

I am currently a Business Development Officer in the Apprenticeships Unit at Manchester Met, supporting the development and recruitment of Higher and Degree Level Apprenticeships across a number of subjects, including Legal Services, Digital and Technology Solutions, Chemical Science and Chartered Management.

The main aspect of my role is employer engagement; I develop and maintain relationships with some of the key employers on our programmes, from SMEs to large multinational companies. I primarily liaise with new employers by telephone and email, attending meetings to provide information and maintaining a good, working relationship with existing employers.

What did you enjoy most about your degree and why?

My degree has been fantastic from day one; delivered in world class facilities within a thriving and engaging city campus, by caring and committed tutors passionate about their subject, actively engaged and publishing in their field, who push you to achieve your full potential and be the best student you can be.

What key skills did your degree help you gain?

My degree has provided me with a number of key skills, which have proved infinitely valuable in my role as a Business Development Officer at the university. It has taught me the value of time-management, planning my time effectively and prioritising my workload on a daily basis. The interpersonal skills taught as part of my course have helped me learn the importance of listening and working with people to achieve your objectives. Within my course, we explored the importance of choices we make when communicating with people in our lives (for example, choosing the right word or speaking in the correct manner) which has been key in making me a good communicator with the businesses I work with. 

What is your top tip for other students looking to study your degree course at Manchester Metropolitan University?

Linguistics will open your eyes to the importance of language, words and communication within the world, and will teach you as much about yourself as about others. To get the most out of the course, you need to put the work and effort in, but when you do, you will become a better person (and prospective employee) because of it. 

Please complete this sentence: ‘I’m inspired by…’

I’m inspired by the compassionate and caring tutors and staff within the university, who work hard to ensure students meet their full potential, leaving the university capable of achieving their dreams. 

In one sentence, please describe what you loved (or appreciated) most about Man Met:

Man Met is all about its students, making you a more employable, articulate, engaged and knowledgeable graduate, but also a well-rounded, talented and decent individual embarking on an exciting journey at university and beyond.

Student Profiles