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Languages, Linguistics and TESOL

Nima Khorramrooz

"Working as an Outreach Student Ambassador is a great way to develop my communication and teamwork skills and contribute to a fairer society..."
What do you like most about your course?

The range of course topics. It seems to cover all the fundamentals. The freedom to try out different study methods and find which works best for me.

Difficult to say, as everything is good. But I like the practical exercises best, because they involved problem-solving. The university offers workshops on variety of different topics such as (Time management, Referencing, how to write a good essay). I enjoy going to these workshops as they are very useful.

Another good thing is the fast response from the lecturers. Every time I hand in essays, I get appropriate and detailed feedback from my lecturers and they are always here to help us get the most out of our time at University. 

I like the fact that we have multiple sources of information. Sometimes it is easier for me listening to the video presentations than reading through text lectures.

Also, I think that the Books/ journal articles, we are provided with (both online and offline) are a great source for additional reading. It really helps me a lot to catch up with the lessons. The versatility of information sources makes it suitable for different people with different educational desires and needs.

What skills do you feel you have gained during your studies at Man Met?

Communication and leadership skills by doing both individual and group presentations. 

Have you taken part in any extracurricular activities or projects alongside your studies?

Yes. I am working as a student ambassador. Working as an outreach Student Ambassador is a great way to develop my communication and teamwork skills and contribute to a fairer society by tackling barriers to Higher/ Further Education in my local area. What I like best about my job is that a primary responsibility involves interacting with students on all different levels and across all functional areas. I love that I get to learn new things about students, educational system, Man Met and all services that our university offers to students.

Have you completed a placement?

Last summer, I did a vacation studentship at Manchester Metropolitan University’s Department of Engineering, as a full-time research assistant on the experimental project ‘Commercialisation of a Novel Experimental Rig to Fight Obesity in Children and Adolescents’ Project.

The Department of Engineering developed a concept for a novel, engaging and portable experimental rig, with an aim of working with the public to fight obesity in children and young adults. I was lucky enough to be hired by the University to work on this project. As a full-time research assistant, I was responsible for investigating the possibility of commercialising the experimental setup through conducting feasibility analysis and market research, speaking to the public, and networking with potential users (including local schools, charities and public health organisations), conducting SWOT analysis and exploring IP protection options.

Since my job involved speaking to the schoolchildren and teachers as well as networking and interacting with people from different age groups, I gained new skills and experience in working with people from different socioeconomic backgrounds.

I would attend a group meeting with my supervisor and other team members on a weekly basis. I was given a fantastic opportunity to work in an interdisciplinary research environment with two Post-Doctoral research assistants and three PhD students working on similar projects. As a result of that I was able to work well both individually and as part of a team.

I produced a comprehensive report on my findings (Including information on national curriculum, market research and SWOT analysis), which also helped me to improve my research and communication skills.

What is your top tip for other students looking to study this course at Manchester Metropolitan University?

Do not leave your essays until last minute!

Aim high and be innovative.

Attend all your classes!

Please complete this sentence: ‘I’m inspired by…’

...Dr. Cemi Belkacemi. It was in his class that I actually decided I wanted to be a lecturer. His teaching is fun and he is one of the main reasons why I want to do syntax at University. He keeps me inspired and has helped me become a better student. 




In one sentence, please describe what you love most about Man Met:

The range of support students receive from lecturers and University is amazing!

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