• Who am I?

    Who am I?

    My main areas of research are Sociolinguistics and the Social Psychology of Language. I am interested in language variation - mainly phonological and lexical - and also in the language attitudes and folk perceptions of speakers towards dialectal variation in their first language (L1) or in a language that they are learning or acquiring (L2). My research to date has focused on how these work together; i.e., on attitude-behaviour relations in language.

    Why do I teach?

    Each member of a class brings her/his experience and perspective to the topics being taught and, although I prepare the lessons and stimulate discussions amongst students, I also benefit from communicating and exchanging ideas with others. My teaching informs my research and vice versa, allowing my own thinking to develop and my teaching to remain current and relevant.

    Words of wisdom

    Be inquisitive, be determined, challenge your own and others' thoughts and ideas, trust your instincts, work independently and collaboratively, and take responsibility for achieving what you want to achieve.

    How I’ll teach you

    Teachers and students should be partners in learning and should work together in a way that is productive and enriching. Being a university student opens doors to future opportunities and gives you access to a wide range of information and resources. If you are keen to make the most of these, I'll help you to do so.

  • Academic Biography

    Academic and professional qualifications

    PhD in Linguistics
    University of St Andrews (2014)

    MA (Hons) in French and Spanish
    University of St Andrews (2009)

  • Teaching & Research Supervision

    Undergraduate courses

    First year:
    Language in Society (unit leader)
    Fundamentals in Linguistics

    Second year:
    Intercultural Communication (unit leader)

    Final year:
    TESOL-Linguistics 3: Language Variation

    Postgraduate teaching

    MA Applied Linguistics:
    Research Methods

  • Research Expertise, Publications & Grants

    Research expertise

    Sociolinguistics, social psychology of language, language attitudes, language variation and change, perceptual dialectology, accents and dialects of English, second-language learning and acquisition, second dialect acquisition, reference accents in English-language teaching, language and identity.

    • Publications

      • Refereed journal articles

        Carrie, E. (2016) ''British is professional, American is urban': attitudes towards English reference accents in Spain.' International Journal of Applied Linguistics. Available for early view via the following link:


      • Other

        Carrie, E. (2013). Evaluating and Imitating English Pronunciation Models: Language Attitudes and Language Use amongst Learners in Spain. Proceedings for the Third International Conference on English Pronunciation (EPIP3): Issues and Practices. Murcia, Spain: University of Murcia.


    Research Accelerator Grant, awarded by Manchester Metropolitan University in May 2016, for a research project entitled 'Manchester voices: Perceptions of urban language varieties in the UK's 'second city''.

  • Engagement & Knowledge Exchange
  • Awards, Honours & Distinctions

    Editiorial Board membership

    Head of Production for The Linguistics Journal

    Reviewer for Language Awareness

    Membership of professional associations

    Member of Societas Linguistica Europaea