• Who am I?

    Who am I?

    In addition to being an academic, I am a professional interpreter and translator as well as a journalist. I am passionate about the subjects I teach and am able to bring to them an up to date, real-world view of the profession(s). My personal interests include politics and - in general - all things related to Spain and the Spanish-speaking world. I am a qualified football coach and have a keen interest in the vast majority of sports, particularly football, basketball and athletics. My work has taken me to over 50 countries the length and breadth of the world, including most of South America.

    Why do I teach?

    Because I truly enjoy passing on to others what I have been privileged to learn myself in the course of my professional and academic lives. There is nothing like the buzz that comes with a successful class!

    Words of wisdom

    "Nothing worth doing is ever easy"

    How I’ll teach you

    With enthusiasm, careful planning and understanding, but also with a realistic perspective on what is required in the demanding disciplines I teach.

  • Academic Biography

    Academic and professional qualifications

    • 2010 – PhD in Spanish, University of Bradford (by thesis). Thesis title: ‘Defragmenting the portrait: Catalina Clara Ramírez de Guzmán, Extremadura’s ‘No Conocida Señora’ of the Golden Age’.
    • 1987 – In-Service Training as Conference Interpreter, European Commission, Brussels
    • 1983 – BA Jt. Hons French and Spanish, Queen’s University Belfast

    I have  taught on and/or led postgraduate and undergraduate courses in interpreting and translation at the Universities of La Laguna, Bradford and Leeds and been a visiting lecturer on programmes in universities in Portugal and Spain. Between 1999-2006, I provided regular pedagogical assistance on behalf of the European Parliament Directorate for Interpreting on interpreting courses at central and eastern European universities (in Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Czech Republic, Hungary, Slovakia).

    I am a Fellow of the Higher Education Authority (HEA).

    Previous Employment

    1988-98: Lecturer/Course Coordinator, M.A. in Conference Interpreting, University of La Laguna, Spain

    2001-2004: Course Director and Senior University Teacher, M.A. in Interpreting and Translating, University of Bradford.

    2004-2008: Lecturer (part-time), M.A. in Interpreting and Translating, University of Bradford

    2010: Tutor, English Retour Interpreting Training Course for European Parliament staff interpreters, Centre for Translation Studies, University of Leeds.

    2013-2014: Teaching Fellow in Interpreting, Centre for Translation Studies, University of Leeds.

    Non-academic (selection):
    1988-present: Freelance interpreter, accredited by European Commission and European Parliament. Interpreter at majority of Olympic Games since 1992. Personal interpreter for three Spanish Prime Ministers (1988-2006)
    Freelance translator and Contract Translator (Spanish/French→English) for United Nations and International Atomic Energy Agency. Translator of technical reports, ministerial conference addresses, political articles for media publication, etc for Ministries of Foreign Affairs and the Environment (Spain).
    2011-13 Media translator for Spanish newspaper. Translation and adaptation of a broad range of Spanish media texts (politics, economy, education, health) for publication in weekly English version of daily newspaper. Author of regular column (in Spanish) on current affairs and sport.

    Other academic service (administration and management)

    • Unit Leader, Spanish Pro 2 (Level 5) and Spanish Translation and Interpreting (Level 6)
    • Departmental Schools Liaison Coordinator


    Spanish, French, Portuguese

  • Teaching & Research Supervision

    Why study Interpreting, Translation, Golden Age Spain (including literature), Spanish for the Business World, Language in context ?

    Translating and interpreting are often viewed as the ultimate test of one's knowledge of a language. The ability to convey written or orally information received accurately, convincingly and under pressure of time is one of the most valued traits of a good linguist. Learning how to do this is challenging but very rewarding, not to say exciting, and there is very little that beats the satisfaction of a job well done. These skills are very much in deand in the world of employment so why not enhance your prospects by studying these disciplines? You are guaranteed to learn a lot about your foreign language and your English, not to mention about yourself!  

    Undergraduate courses

    • Contextualising Foreign Language Learning (Level 4)
    • Spanish Language (Level 5)
    • Spanish Pro 2 (Level 5)
    • Spanish Translation and Interpreting (Level 6)
    • Independent Research Project (Dissertation) (Level 6)

    I am happy to supervise dissertations in the fields of - among others - theoretical aspects of interpreting and/or translation, Golden Age literature, Spanish politics, media in Spain, sport and nationalism.
    Previous B.A. dissertation supervision (examples):
    • Aspects of humour in the Spanish subtitling of Friends
    • Use of sport/football by the Franco regime for political aims
    • Football and nationalism in Catalonia

    Postgraduate teaching

    At previous universities: Masters-level programmes in Interpreting and Translation

    Postgraduate supervision (completed/in progress)

    Previous MA dissertation supervision (selection):
    • Consecutive interpreting as a training tool
    • Extended translation with theoretical commentary
    • The use of technology in the interpreting booth

  • Research Expertise, Publications & Grants

    Research expertise

    My research focuses on a wide range of areas relating to interpreting and translation, Golden Age literature (particularly female authors and Extremadura), and sport in Spain. I am currently working on literary academies in 17th century Spain. I am particularly interested also in the use of interpreting in legal settings and the quality issues that arise in such contexts.

    Academic collaborations

    I collaborate with, among others, the popular academic online journal The Conversation, contributing articles on politics in Spain and Latin America. I have also collaborated with the EU-funded ORCIT (Online Resources for Conference Interpreter Training) project. I am working on a multi-disciplinary project on Spain’s La Vuelta cycling race  and contribute regularly to a popular blog called The Language of Football.

    • Publications

      • Books (authored/edited/special issues)

        KP. McLaughlin, A. Borrachero Mendíbil (2010). Catalina Clara Ramírez de Guzmán, Obra Poética. Junta de Extremadura.

      • Journal articles

        KP. McLaughlin CATALINA CLARA RAMÍREZ DE GUZMÁN: LLERENA’S ACADEMY POET?. Bulletin of Spanish Studies.

      • Chapters in books

        KP. McLaughlin (2009). Catalina Clara Ramírez de Guzmán y Vicente Díaz de Montoya: Un curioso intercambio literario. In: Silva de Estudios en Homenaje a Mariano Fernández Daza, IX Marqués de la Encomienda. Almendralejo: Centro Universitario Santa Ana, pp.269-280.

    • Invited keynotes and conference contribution

      • Invited papers

        “Catalina Clara Ramírez de Guzmán and Literary Academies”, Golden Age Research Symposium, University College Cork, November 2016

        “Bridging the gap: Translation in the language classroom”. Networking event for Modern Foreign Language teachers, Manchester, June 2016.

        “Interpreting at Olympic Games”, 2nd Annual Careers in Translation and Interpreting Event. University of Liverpool, April 2016

        “Troubleshooting note-taking issues in consecutive interpretation: methods and tools for diagnosis”, 5th IATIS Conference, Innovation paths in translation and intercultural studies, Belo Horizonte, Brazil, July 2015

        “Diplomatic Interpreting”, Professionalisation Talk, University of Leeds, Centre for Translation Studies, November 2014 https://www.leeds.ac.uk/arts/news/article/4016/prof_talk_report_diplomatic_interpreting

        "Note-taking for cosecutive interpreting", Jornadas sobre Traducción e Interpretación, Xunta de Galicia, April 1990

    Expert reviewer for journals and publishers

    Expert reviewer and stylistic corrector/proofreader for Comunicar

    Reviewer for The Interpreter and Translator Trainer

  • Engagement & Knowledge Exchange
  • Awards, Honours & Distinctions

    Prizes and awards

    Xavier Giralt Prize for Spanish, Queen's University Belfast

    Visiting and honorary positions

    Visiting Lecturer in interpreting, M.A. in Conference Interpreting, Universidade do Minho (Portugal) 1998-2001

    Editiorial Board membership

    Member of Editorial Board of Bara Bara Comunicación, Spanish media group (multilingual newspapers/magazines) 

    Membership of professional associations

    International Association for Translation and Cultural Studies

    Association of Hispanists of Great Britain and Ireland

    Spanish Sportswriters' Association

    Fellow of the Higher Education Academy