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Develop your mooting skills within our thriving learning community.

You will have the opportunity to develop your mooting skills - a key legal skill transferrable to many other professions - whilst being supported by expert staff.

Manchester Law School students compete to represent the School at national and regional competitions, and continue to triumph across the country.

Mooting explained

Mooting is a mock appeal, based upon a point of law, which tests your ability to present a legal argument. This is a skill that we refer to as advocacy. A moot is probable the closest experience that you can have whilst at university to appearing in a court.

A moot problem will always be an appeal from an earlier decision, normally set in the Court of Appeal or the Supreme Court, and will focus on a contentious point of law. There will be an appellant, respondent and a judge.

As part of the presentation of your case, you will respond to questions posed by the judge. At the end of the moot, the judge will generally give a short overview of the particular point of law and then his or her decision as to who performed the best.

Why you should get involved

Mooting is a valuable addition to your CV as a law student, and is essential for any aspiring barrister. It helps you to develop your skills in public speaking, reasoning, researching and working with others.

Mooting experience can benefit you whether or not you plan to follow a traditional legal career path upon graduation.

Our mooting success


  • Winners of the National Speed Mooting Competition
  • Semi-finalists of the ESU-Essex Court Chambers National Mooting Competition


  • Semi-finalists of the United Kingdom Law Students' Association National Mooting Competition


  • Finalists of the Oxford University Press/BPP Law School National Mooting Competition


  • Winners of the Law Students’ Association National Mooting Competition 
  • Finalists of the Essex Court Chambers National Mooting Competition
  • Semi-finalists of the National Student Law Society Mooting Competition


  • Winners of the Blackstone’s National Criminal Advocacy Competition


  • Winners of the Oxford University Press National Competition


Find out how you can get involved in mooting at Manchester Law School contact Jeff Hill

What our students say


Holly Saunders and Lucy Holden
Winners of the Law Students Association National Mooting Competition 2015

Competing provides students with unrivalled experience of working as a barrister in court.”

Holly Saunders (LLB Graduate)

“It was an incredibly proud moment when Manchester Law School was announced as the competition winners in the Supreme Court, and it’s a memory that I know will stay with Holly and me forever."

Lucy Holden (GDL and LPC Graduate)


Amy Hucklesberry and Daniel Lee 
Semi-finalists at the National Student Law Society National Mooting Competition

“There are many benefits to participating in a mooting competition; you meet people from all around the country who have the same interests, you gain invaluable advocacy skills that are marked and critiqued by practising advocates; and it builds up your confidence.”

Amy Hucklesberry (GDL and BPTC graduate)

“The support and guidance we received from Manchester Law School staff was outstanding. Every moot we had to complete required a different pool of expert legal knowledge and all of the tutors gave up time their time to provide assistance for any complex areas of law we encountered.”

Daniel Lee (GDL and BPTC graduate)

How to get involved

You will be invited by our extremely active Mooting Society to take part in its regular mooting sessions and debates.

Mooting and advocacy are also available as a third year option on the LLB, or as part of a specialised unit on the Graduate Diploma in Law.

For more information about mooting at Manchester Law School, please contact Jeff Hill