Manchester Metropolitan University


Sarah Cook

Bar Professional Training Course

I would wholeheartedly recommend Manchester Law School to anybody who is considering attending and certainly anybody currently on the undergraduate programme who is looking to stay on here for their postgraduate studies.

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Minos Christodoulou

Graduate Diploma in Law (part-time)

The standard of teaching is high, the facilities are excellent, and Manchester Law School has great networks with the northern circuit.

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Mekisha Richardson

Legal Practice Course

I think that I will be in a good position to find a job as a solicitor, largely because of the experience I am gaining on the programme.

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Khrystanne George

Legal Practice Course

I am really blown away by the technology here. All the resources are beyond what I expected.

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Khadija Ramkumar

Legal Practice Course

The staff on the course have experience in the profession, and impart their knowledge to us which is really quite helpful, and their enthusiasm comes across in their teaching.

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Jessica Purchase

Graduate Diploma in Law

Manchester Law School and its staff are really strong in helping you to develop your practical skills.

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James Makin

Legal Practice Course

I was impressed by the staff and their diverse professional backgrounds.

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Helen Longworth

Bar Professional Training Course

If you want to do graduate study in law I would recommend Manchester Law School as absolutely the best place to do it.

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Fiona Simkiss

LLM (part-time)

I wanted to study somewhere where I could focus on equalities and human rights and I think this is the best course in Manchester.

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Faramarz Bagdeli


I particularly wanted to study here as I knew the university has a strong background it human rights law study and this is an area that I wanted to know more about

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Daniel Lee

Graduate Diploma in Law | Bar Professional Training Course

The university provides you with a platform to help develop your skills outside of academia.

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Claire Athis

Bar Professional Training Course

I think that one of the strengths of this university is the number of tutors involved in the course and the strengths of their professional expertise.

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Ciara Bartlam

Graduate Diploma in Law

The practical experience of the staff means that topics are not far off legal concepts, and everything is readily applied to situations

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Bee Gebhardt

Graduate Diploma in Law (part-time)

A lot of the tutors here are former practitioners, so they often provide insight into how the legal theory would work in practice.

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Anjali Patel

Legal Practice Course

The best reasons to study here at Manchester Metropolitan University are the facilities, the amazing personal tutors, and the connections they have to local law firms

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