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Daniel Cotter

The staff’s legal experience was important to me; for someone who wants to pursue a legal career I found it gave me an insight into what I would expect after the course

The tutors were very good at giving their experiences and explaining how they worked in practice, and I think that is very useful on a course like the LLB. It allows you to step out of the ‘academic’ to the ‘professional’ side; sometimes when you are reading a book you think to yourself “I’m not doing this all the time in practice”, but knowing how it works in practice gives you great insight as well as a thorough understanding.

The support offered by the Law school was extensive. For example, there were a lot of CV building activities, library research skills workshops, which were good for learning to use sources such as West Law, Practical Law and LexisNexis. The School is big, so you can study anywhere, which is beneficial to someone like me who did not study at home.

I was encouraged to carry on my career into law by a few tutors in my final two years on the course; in particular my intellectual property tutor who was also my personal tutor. He had a real personal interest in what I was doing and I think that is very important. You can be taught the law, but to have somebody who was genuinely interested in what I was doing afterwards, someone who keeps in touch even now, was important to me.

I would definitely recommend the course, the city and the University as a whole. I got some great marks, and that is only a small part of everything else. I really enjoyed studying in Manchester, I made some great friends, and I thought the tutors were brilliant in the way they gave their practical knowledge as well as combining an educational approach to it too.