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Undergraduate Student Profile

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Josh Booth

The teaching methods on the foundation year were excellent. The discipline and punctuality required was real and it was a great start to university life – I would highly recommend it!

When I applied to university, the foundation year was my ‘back up’ option on the UCAS application whilst the straight LLB 3 year degree was my first choice. However, looking back I’m glad I took the foundation route as it has really benefitted me long term.

I originally feared the foundation may be a wasted year just waiting to begin the LLB but it was the exact opposite. It was the perfect stepping-stone from college and allowed me to integrate myself into the university and learn how things are done.

From help with referencing, to learning how to work independently, the foundation year prepares you for university life. When the first year of the LLB began, technically it was my second year at university and it was great to feel like I had an advantage. I already knew the system, some people and the area and was familiar with the university facilities such as the library, the Students’ Union, the IT Suite.