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Undergraduate Student Profile

Read what our Undergraduate students say about their course at Manchester Law School

Paulina Kasprzak

What I enjoy most about my course is that all of my units are really useful, and that I’m studying something I’m going to use in the future.

I chose to study at Manchester Metropolitan University as it’s a really modern university with a positive atmosphere. During open days I could see that it was full of people from different backgrounds so it made me feel at home. It’s good to know that it’s not only me in this situation – as a new student or an international student - and that makes me feel more confident and comfortable.

I always wanted to be a lawyer because I enjoy helping people and I’m ambitious and hard working. I chose Manchester because it’s a multi cultural place, and everyone can find something for himself or herself. It’s full of nice pubs and clubs and shopping centres and the University is right next to the city centre with good transport links. I really enjoy it.

All of the people I’ve met on my course are really friendly, they’re all open to socialise with people from different countries  - they’re not closed. We do a lot of stuff together after university as well such as shopping or going for drinks.

What I enjoy most about my course is that all of my units are really useful, and that I’m studying something I’m going to use in the future. I enjoy all of the course subjects, so it makes everything easy.

Last year I won the course’s mooting competition with the best score of all students. Thanks to the support of the University I was able to take part in work experience for Express Solicitors in Manchester, where I spent time working and networking. After that I was awarded a temporary contract over the summer with the firm, which will be beneficial in the future when I am applying for training contracts.

I think it’s really important that Manchester Law School staff were practicing law before they came into teaching, because our lectures and workshops are not boring. We don’t stick to textbooks all the time, and their experience means we can discover how to apply the law to real life situations. You can tell that the staff are really passionate about this, and they share their practical knowledge. It makes me feel like I’m really motivated to study law, so I can use it in the future as they did.  

The University’s links with Manchester-based firms arereally important because they make it easier for us to make plans for the future - to get to know important people and to get a job.  We also receive a lot of support when it comes to applying for jobs, preparing CVs and the like.

I would recommend Manchester Metropolitan University because it’s a really open university; it is very friendly for people from all backgrounds, from all countries, and as a new student I do feel at home. I would recommend the course as well because we have amazing staff that are really passionate about law. We have great facilities, a well-stocked library with helpful staff as well. I would recommend everything. 

If other EU students are a bit worried and they are wondering if they should start studying in a different country, I would say definitely do it. I was really scared but it’s definitely worth it. It’s a bit of a challenge but you will enjoy it and you will be proud of yourself.