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Undergraduate Student Profile

Read what our Undergraduate students say about their course at Manchester Law School

Rachel Ord

The most enjoyable aspect on the apprenticeship is being regarded as an adult and a fellow employee

I work under eight solicitors, and each morning I check their diaries and prioritise arising work for the day. I work in clinical negligence so I am currently involved in chasing payments and general legal administration, but my days are varied and enjoyable.

Pathways on the course are tailored to each apprentice, so we can ensure a good marriage between work needs and education needs. We have covered some general legal subjects and I am also doing civil litigation and tort.

Studying allows me to see how things are applied in the real world and understand why those things are done. University is a break from work but it is great as I can put my learning into practice in the office.

I think there is a common misconception that apprentices are used as cheap labour to cover menial tasks but I am treated as a valued member of the team. I have also enjoyed getting to know the other apprentices and we are building an excellent network for the future.

The support I receive has been great. We have an assessor from university who I can contact when I need to, as well as a workplace supervisor who ensures my learning and work-based needs are being met. I have a mentor too who is a solicitor from another department and I can speak to him about any issues I might have that are not apprenticeship-related.

I would definitely recommend this apprenticeship as it has opened my eyes to what prospective employers are looking for. I know it is a competitive market and it is not all about your academic success; you need to show that you can apply your learning in a busy working environment.