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Undergraduate Student Profile

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Ruqaiyah Asghar

I feel it’s really important that our lecturers have been in law practice, and its relevance for us is so apparent when they can bring a subject to life with real life examples and experience

I am from Manchester, and love the city - it’s a fun and student-centred city – so I wanted to stay here. Manchester Law School has a great reputation, and I know many people that have studied here and loved it. I personally feel that it is one of the University’s best departments, and I am really enjoying my course.

Manchester Metropolitan University’s support system is, I believe, its biggest strength. I would go as far to say it is phenomenal. We have so many resources available to us, from well-equipped ICT suites that we can use whenever we want, campus-wide Wi-Fi so we can use our own computers if we want to, and an amazing 24-hour library with silent, quiet and group work zones.

My tutors and lecturers are so helpful, and have drop-in sessions every week where we can discuss any issues we might have. My tutors reiterate, every week, that they are here to help, and all of the staff are so welcoming.

I have most enjoyed studying about land law, and even won a prize for the highest marks in the subject. The prize was a week’s work experience at DAC Beachcroft, and undertaking the work experience showed me just how applicable what we are learning is to the legal profession. As well as being able to apply theoretical learning, the placement helped me to develop my interpersonal skills, allowed me to network with industry professionals, and definitely increased my confidence.

I do feel that Manchester Metropolitan University and Manchester Law School are preparing me for a real life career. It is a professional environment where we are treated as adults and given fantastic opportunities.