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Sarah Wait

The content allows you to learn what you would study on a law degree whilst also providing practical elements

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I chose to study this programme because I was working full time and I could not afford to give up work because I had commitments already.

Distance learning is challenging, you have to be really committed and motivated in order to manage your time really well to make sure that you actually got on with your work. It is very much, you planning when to do studying in your own time, which I found really flexible.

By having all online materials, you can do it at your own pace and if you wanted to go on holiday you can always catch up. Having podcasts meant you could go back to it. The real benefit is not having to do it at specific times.

I would definitely recommend this course, as you can work around your own commitments and schedule time when you have it to do the necessary work and assignments.


After completing her undergraduate studies, Sarah continued her journey at Manchester Law School and completed the Bar Professional Training Course (part-time) in 2017. She was called to the Bar in Summer 2017.