The Department of Life Sciences has excellent facilities designed to enhance the student learning experience 

Anatomage Table

Explore the world’s first virtual dissection table and revolutionary 3D interactive anatomy tool.

Resusci Anne

A state-of-the-art interactive manikin allowing manipulation of physiological conditions and simulation of pathology.

Powerlab Acquisition Systems

Capture, view and analyse a range of physiological signals such as heart rate, muscle and brain activity signals.

Digi-Pad Microscope Tablets

Interactive learning tools for microbiology to optimise image viewing and analysis.

Confocal Microscope

Ultimate imaging, live multi-colour output depth of field and z stacking

Plate reader 

ELISA and other in vitro assay compatibility

Histology Suite

Full histology tissue processing suite and cutting/immunohistochemical staining

FACS and flow

Cell labelling, counting and separation facilities

Mass Spectrophotometer

Maldi-TOF facility

Gel electrophoresis

Western blotting capabilities

See also our extensive facilities available for research and student projects.