Master of Business Administration

Organisational benefits

If you are considering sponsorship of an employee, it is critical that a robust business case is submitted to demonstrate how the significant investment in terms of finance and time will be recognised by the organisation.

Benefits for your organisation

Sustaining competitive advantage

Organisations that are striving for sustainable competitive advantage are continuously analysing their own productivity, strategies and practices to ensure continuous development of the business.

Success is often measured with a balanced scorecard approach, not only appraising the financial results but balancing this with the customer perspective of the company, all internal stakeholders’ views of what the company should excel at and finally the important of driving innovation and learning in order to continuously develop.

Continuous learning and development

Without exemption, successful organisations will acknowledgement that continuous learning and development is beneficial to both individuals and organisation, as evidenced in the numerous CPD schemes and programmes that are invested in to.

Improved employee engagement

As the MBA student is an employee, the programme offers the opportunity for assignments to be based on current organisational issues. Relevant concepts and theories can then be applied to, for example, the areas of Human Resource Management, Finance or Operations Management.

This formal learning is combined with informal activities including an international trip, management development weekends and complimentary access to external seminars and conferences with world-renowned speakers.

Leveraging the dissertation to benefit your business

The final element of the MBA is the consultancy project. This is based on resolving robust issues within the student’s own organisation.

This is where a tangible return on investment is most visible with businesses acquiring new innovative solutions from within their own workforce without the cost or necessity of outside consultants.

Building future leaders

This aspect of the programme develops the individual’s competencies and leadership skills, which ultimately equip the organisation with more confident, competent and broader-minded managers who can lead teams more proficiently.

Professional Membership

Each student receives complimentary membership of business networks (AMBA and CMI) enabling them to develop links with decision-makers within other organisations

“It’s a win-win situation. Our MBA employees have grown professionally and our business is quipped to develop and grow by our very real ambition and the promotion of our people from within the company.”

John Falder, Managing Director of HMG Paints Ltd (240 employees)