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Can't wait to join in with the fun? There's plenty of ways you can get involved...

Get creative

Do you love reading? Do you have a passion for writing? Would you like to see your work published on the official Manchester Children’s Book Festival blog?

We're asking all young writers, illustrators and cartoonists - what are you working on at the moment? Whether it's a story set in space, a poem about life below the sea or a fridge-worthy masterpiece, we'd like to hear from you! Send the MCBF team an email or a pic of your next classic in the making. Email mcbf@mmu.ac.uk or tag us @MCBFestival

Send in your photos

Send us your reading time snaps. Tag @MCBFestival to share a photo of your family enjoying your favourite children's book together.

Write a blog

If you can’t make it to Manchester for our MCBF events, don’t worry - you can write book reviews of your favourite children’s books or even send us an opinion piece or (for example, what do you think about libraries, or your favourite authors?).

Send your blog to mcbf@mmu.ac.uk. The best pieces will be published on the official MCBF blog throughout the year.

Get Involved