Youth Justice Board Re-settlement Consortium Evaluation

Successful Tender for Youth Justice Board Re-settlement consortium evaluation

MCYS were awarded a tender by the Youth Justice Board.

The principal aim of the youth justice system is the prevention of offending. Reducing reoffending rates benefits the individual, the taxpayer and society as a whole. Considering the disposal with the highest reoffending rate is custody, it follows that resettlement must be a core focus. The ‘Transforming Youth Custody Programme’ seeks to improve resettlement prospects for young people upon release. The project is to evaluate the success ‘Transforming Youth Custody’ and to provide evidence based findings to help inform future delivery of the programme.

A host of academics from MMU Professor Hannah Smithson, Professor Chris Fox, Dr Paul Gray, Graham Smyth and Dr Rowenna Baldwin will be involved in the project. They will be working alongside Carney Green Consultancy Company to carry out the evaluation.

The project will test the pillars of effective delivery identified by the Youth Justice Board in the context of their newly devised resettlement consortium. Qualitative research will involve focus groups and interviews with the breadth of operational staff. Quantitative research into the young people involved in the four resettlement consortia will also carried out.